Sound Massage Therapy

90 Minutes $85

Experience the Beauty and magic of this 5000-year-old practice from the East. Sound Massage is the direct physical application of a full spectrum of vibrational frequencies to the body, an energy therapy intended to affect a measurable response from bones, organs, and tissues as well as brainwaves. The activity has a profound effect on the way a person feels, functions and reacts by inducing a steady state of calm, deep, restorative, relaxation and a sense of well-being. A therapy that tends to boost the function of the immune system as well. Emotional and mental difficulties are also frequently acknowledged and resolved. Sound vibration can help to correct balance and provide a feeling of inner strength, harmony, and increased vitality.

If you struggle with a physical, mental or psychological issue, sound massage provides relief from chronic stress, anxiety, and pain by …

  • Deep relaxation achieved through soothing sounds, rich in overtones

  • Massage and harmonization of cellular tissue via sound and vibration

  • Releasing tension and blockage

  • Providing a very pleasant physical sensation

  • Increasing a sense of positive well-being and stimulating creativity

  • Letting go of past impressions and embracing new opportunities

In a Sound Massage, bowls are placed on or close to a fully clothed body and tapped gently with a felt mallet. The therapist matches specific frequencies to body states, using tools, technique and intention in order to release pain and assist healing in body, mind and spirit.