The sound healing is an amazing session that can shift you into the higher vibration of these beautiful bowls . Christine is pure light and holds the space in a safe and healing way. I was blessed to experience one of these divine sessions. Namaste Christine. I do hope our paths cross again some day xo

-Bernadette Spiller

I had the pleasure of having a few sound massages done by Chris while I was pregnant and it was magical! It was such a treat for baby and me. I highly recommend Chris's work!

-Jacqueline Soukup

The beauty of the sounds, the vibration and the healing energy are nothing short of amazing. Working with Chris has deepened my understanding of self, released blocked energy, and helped me heal to a deep level. I leave the sessions with a sense of euphoria, and peace. My energy level is greatly increased, I am able to process situations with more clarity, and I feel more aware of the subtleties of my daily life. Another benefit of the work that Chris and I do together is that my creativity is boosted to a much higher level, I am confident making process decisions and able to enjoy every moment of being in my studio doing the work that I love!

Please give yourself the gift of sessions with Chris, it is an experience not to be missed! You will thank yourself, and find great healing, energy and happiness! I know that I have!

-Michelle Zjala Winter

Christine again I can’t thank you enough for another amazing healing session. This is my second session and I look forward to incorporating this process into my healing regimen. You are a very gifted healer thank you for answering the light workers “call”. Love and light

-Diana Blagdon

Thanks Chris!
I’ve had a number really interesting sensations during my SMT sessions. Each time I go someplace else, very deeply relaxed, while being totally aware of the vibration, energy and sounds. Parts of the experience (and yes, it really is an experience) suggest subtle types of healing are happening, but I have also had some sudden and undeniable releases of blocked energy. I leave with a feeling of near euphoria each time, but best of all is the really great energy lift I get which can last for weeks after the session.

Chris is one of those special people who lives life with passion and purpose. Being in her energy becomes an aspect of the healing.
Thanks Chris for SMT. Keep up the great work!

-Kurt K
Hobart, WI

The Sessions were Absolutely Wonderful!!
I enjoyed several sessions of Sound Massage with Chris, and the benefits were incredible. The sessions were very comfortable and relaxing and my mind totally escaped the everyday world during the session as I went deep. The sessions were absolutely wonderful. Each session put me into a very wonderful state, and the next session was always more powerful than the prior. Chris is an excellent practitioner – which I’m sure makes all the difference in the world; as she experienced the Sound Massage at the same time as I did, and she was able to identify blockages in different areas of my body that needed to be unblocked, and the Sound Massage sessions accomplished that unblocking. I felt the extremely powerful effects, and would highly recommend Chris and Sound Massage.

-Michael Ketter

Put Simply, it’s Magic.
The sound of the bowls and the vibration which penetrates to the core. But most of all, being in Chris’s energy is where the magic lies. What a gift she is to the community! Thank you, Chris!

-Beth Stracka

Chris is very gifted!
Her love for healing the earth and people on it shows is the energy she exudes. With the knowledge of sound healing being brought forth in the world we are so lucky to have a sound healer in the Green Bay area!!

-Jackie Bushner

My Spirit is Always Uplifted

My spirit always is uplifted in Chris’s healing presence. Abundantly gifted in so many ways, Chris has opened a new path for healing with her sound therapy and sound of Yin Yoga practice. Going to that vibration of your heart through sound – how to describe that? Experience it first hand with Chris!

-Christine Seidl

I Will Be Returning

I will be returning for another Sound massage, it was so much better then a typical massage! And her aura is just to die for. I love being around her! 🙂 ♥

-Emma-Jean Peterson

I Was Blessed to Be Able to Experience a Sound Massage Yesterday

I was blessed to be able to experience a sound massage yesterday with Christine Zimonick. It was a relaxing yet powerful experience. I am very sensitive to energy so I could feel the energy finding blocks in my energy fields and moving them. Working with sound is very powerful and efficient healing tool that goes where the body needs it to go for healing. I highly recommend working with Christine.

-Katelyn Mariah

Amazement in action. -

Tami Lyday

Thank you Chris!

Chris is a truly gifted practitioner of sound massage therapy. Her professional expertise coupled with her well honed intuitive ability result in pure relaxation which feeds the soul.

-Alisa Landman

I had no clue what to expect…

Wow what a great experience! I suffer insomnia and I slept like a baby that evening…and the next night too.
I can’t wait to have Chris back here to do more work on me.
I am planning to bring Chris and The High Heart Project back to Minnesota for a weekend retreat for my family and friends.
Can hardly wait!!!

-Twila Johnson

How does your photographer relax in the midst of busy season?

Today, I went for my second sound massage with Chris Zimonick of The High Heart Project! The first time was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, and I walked away with so much joy! I wanted to run around yelling about how wonderful it was! And today, I felt completely relaxed, centered, and I just let myself be in it. This practice definitely resonates with me, to say the least! This is something that helps my mind be quiet.

I think you should try it!
If you’d like to know more about these beautiful singing bowls and how they might help you, please inquire with Chris.

-Kara Counard, Bloom Photography

Energy Work was Truly Amazing

I have had a few sessions of Hali Bio-Photonic Light Therapy. My skin tone has improved with some scars fading and less ruddiness, the sessions are very pleasant and relaxing.

However, the energy work was truly amazing. I had been very stressed and anxious about a personal/business issue and had been feeling angry, irritated and frustrated. An amazing sense of calm settled over me. I was not angry or irritated anymore, nor was I anxious about the situation! Though wholly accustomed to miracles in my life, (and in theory, this may have been a miracle unrelated to the treatment- that would be one humdinger of a coincidence), I was not prepared for this occurrence in any way, major change…

-Gloria Bannasch

I have a hard time staying away due to the amount of healing that occurs while being in her energy…..

I was at the point in my life where I was considering a chemical peel or medication for my acne. I never had issues with acne until about my 30’s. I found out about Chris through a mutual friend. I received a Hali Bio-Photonic Light Therapy session from Chris and the next day I saw the roughness of my skin removed. I was blown away!

Chris is very gentle and gives a thorough explanation of everything she does as she is doing it. I highly recommend this non-invasive procedure. Chris also provides energy work in tandem to the Hali light therapy. Her gentle loving hands and beautiful energy completes this wonderful session!

Actually, I have a hard time staying away due to the amount of healing that occurs while being in her energy. Chris creates a beautiful sacred space which provided me the capability to heal myself. Thank you, Chris, for all you do! You are amazing!

-Sara Beaupre

My health collapsed in 1988…

…and I was unable to work for 3 1/2 years. Since then, have taken a long “healing journey” back towards well being. One might consider my situation a complex case requiring physical, emotional and spiritual healing over decades.

Along the way, I studied shamanic and other healing techniques and over the years have traded with other talented energy and spiritual healers hundreds of times and given hundreds of healing sessions to help others on their way. Out of my optimism and stubbornness I have tried to work with the most talented people I could find; often my instructors.

It is with this background, I comment on the “assistance” Chris offers others. Something positive happens every time I work with her. Stubborn energy blockages start to move, deep seated releases continue and some type of stronger “me” grows.

I am not sure what Chris is going to call what she does as she mixes some of the healing skills she has learned… but I know her goal is to create “healings” that are beyond words; gentle and yet powerful.

I would call it “energy work” because it “moves” and “shifts” energy. And I would call it “spiritual healing” because it seems to transfer and work with a universal energy that is beyond us. You might just feel relaxation, peace and calmness in a “session” because that it the general “feeling” of it. But it’s truth is whether “something” changes for the better, a hurt, a pain; a release or a transformation. My expectation, is that any of these could occur and more….

In my case, it is helping a lot with deep seated “traumas” and “fears” that have resulted in physical pain and emotional limitations. For me it seems to “really work.” Besides that, she is sweet and kind and trusting… just what is required to do this type of deeply spiritual work. I would highly recommend her. Good luck in your healing.

-Michael Finney

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Green Bay, WI 54301

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